Terms of Use(ENG)

Operation Policy

Article 1. Members' Rights and Responsibilities

  • 1.1 Members' Rights
    ① Members may convey various inquiries, requests, or proposals related to ‘Kooky’ through the 1:1 Inquiry Customer Center within ‘Kooky’. However, the ‘Company’ may not respond to submitted inquiries and proposals unrelated to its service, issues previously answered in detail, unconfirmed malicious rumors, profanities of malintent, or abusive language, etc.
    ② The ‘Company’ shall not intervene or take measures against damage caused by disputes between members or user mistakes. However, should a member suffer damage due to a violation of the Operation Policy committed by other members while using ‘Kooky’, the user may notify the ‘Company’ for the Operation Policy to be applied, and the ‘Company’ may check the report and apply restrictions according to the Operation Policy.
    ③ Members may raise objections through the 1:1 Inquiry Customer Center at any time should they feel dissatisfied with the application result of the Operation Policy. Offline and call consultations are not available. The method for inquiries on reporting and raising objections is shown below. However, inquiries made without login are difficult to process due to the issue of confirming account information.
    - 1:1 Inquiry Customer Center
    Members can use the 1:1 Inquiry Customer Center in the app to submit various inquiries, requests, and proposals related to the account including the ‘Kooky’ service, as well as raise objections regarding restrictions.
  • 1.2.Members' Responsibilities
    Members shall not engage in activities within ‘Kooky’ that violate relevant legislation or disrupt other members from using the service normally. If you engage in activities that are prohibited by the Terms of Use and the Operation Policy, the ‘Company’ may temporarily or permanently restrict you from using the ‘Kooky’ service without notice. By your judgment, if you see other members violating the Operation Policy or disrupting the use of the ‘Kooky’ service, please use the report feature within ‘Kooky’.

Article 2. Restriction on Use of Services

Members may be restricted from using the service if they engage in the following activities:

2.1 Creating, Using, and Distributing Illegal Programs

  • Any activities of accessing ‘Kooky’ servers and network systems via unauthorized methods
  • Activities that disrupt the ‘Kooky’ service from being provided
  • Activities that motivate other members to engage in illegal activities or provide information on carrying them out
  • Activities that hinder other members from using the service by installing and distributing programs such as malware or virus, or stealing personal information

2.2 Creating and Posting Inappropriate Content

  • Posts that defame or slander others without evidence
  • Group activities that represent certain groups within ‘Kooky’ and content that create the feeling of being pressured or restricted in members using the service
  • Content discriminating gender, religion, disability, age, social status, race, region, occupation, etc. or inciting prejudices against them
  • Content against accepted social conduct such as profanities, obscene or vulgar tone, violence, and inducing sexual humiliation and displeasure
  • Content portraying excessive body exposure or obscene activities, or related to prostitution
  • Content intended to be threatening or to cause distress and discomfort
  • Content portraying or reminding loathsome or indecent scenes from a layperson's perspective
  • Content leaking trade secrets classified by relevant legislation or classified information, etc.
  • Content aimed at criminal activities, or instigating or accepting criminal activities
  • Content promoting illegal gambling, speculative websites
  • Content promoting illegal or online sale-restricted products
  • Content including other person's personal information
  • Content that is limited from being posted according to other relevant legislation
  • Content that does not fit in the ‘KOOKY’ community
  • Content that contains false information in an article form such as impersonating media agencies
  • Continuously or repeatedly posting the same or similar content
  • Creating commercial content or interacting with features such as ‘like button’ without the consent of others in posts or spaces with the intention of advertising, soliciting, and self-promoting
  • Joining the service or being active with malintent or intention of advertising and promoting for profit
  • Disrupting multiple members from using the service by repeatedly posting a post with the same content

2.3 Use of Inappropriate Names

  • Names that can induce displeasure or sexual humiliation to others
  • Names that contain profanities, slang, advertisements, or lewd content
  • Names that discriminate against race or gender
  • Names that condemn, insult, or defame certain people, groups, organizations, regions, or religions
  • Names impersonating companies, company employees, affiliated people (agencies), or admins
  • Names that show the intention for real money transaction
  • Names that are considered to infringe upon or inflict damage to the trademark or copyright of a third party
  • Names prohibited by the Terms of Use
  • Names that are against legislation, social norms, etc.

2.4 Copyright Infringement

  • Externally leaking exclusive content provided by ‘Kooky’
  • Providing information or methods on illegally obtaining other people's works
  • Sharing other people's works such as broadcasts, music, movie, and comics without their consent
  • Using the entirety or part of other people's posts, photos, and images without permission
  • All infringement on intellectual properties of the ‘Company’ and third parties

2.5 Disrupting Service Operation

  • Providing false information to the ‘Company’ or stealing other people's information
  • Commercially using ‘Kooky’ without the prior consent from the ‘Company’
  • Causing damage and confusion by impersonating executives, employees, or admins of the ‘Company’ or artists and agency employees to spread rumors, deceive other members, gain profit, etc.
  • Abusing online forums or customer consultation service to disrupt other members from using the service or hinder the normal operation of the ‘Company’ with repeated inquiries.
  • Abnormally creating accounts en masse, excessively joining and leaving the service, and repeatedly engaging in other similar activities
  • Other illegal or unfair activities such as those forbidden by ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, Article 44-7.

2.6 Trading, Transferring, Lending, Exchanging or Stealing Accounts

  • Stealing other people's personal information, accounts, or devices to join the ‘Kooky’ service or using them
  • Selling, transferring, or lending accounts and their content, or allowing other people to use them or attempting to do so
  • Attempting to buy, acquire, or exchange accounts to obtain other people's accounts and their content, or prompting others to partake in such activities
  • Stealing other people's accounts and their content

2.7 Engaging In or Attempting Real Money Transaction and Advertising

  • Exchanging ‘Kooky’ currencies with real money or services, items of other services, or currencies of other services regarded as real money
  • Attempting or advertising real money transaction
  • Advertising real money transaction websites, etc.
  • ※ If an "attempt at real money transaction" is repeatedly done for commercial gains, you may face relevant measures starting from the first restriction to permanent restriction.
    ※ If you end up with repeated restrictions due to an "attempt at real money transaction," you may face permanent restrictions.

2.8 Exploiting Bugs or Limitations

  • Gaining profit or inflicting damage to others by exploiting errors in the service
  • Affecting the system by exploiting errors in the service
  • ※ Profits gained by exploiting errors in the service are retrieved and adjusted regardless of the member's intention

2.9 Other Restricted Activities

  • Prompting speculation by deciding gain or loss through random means to offer financial profit to certain participants and inflicting loss upon others
  • Deceiving other users to gain unfair profit
  • Other activities prohibited by legislation

2.10 Voluntary Restriction

  • Based on guaranteeing of rights of the data subject, you will be restricted from using the account until the cancellation date if you voluntarily requested a processing restriction.

Article 3. (Types of Restriction on Use of Services)

The types of service restrictions are as follows:
(1) Permanent Restriction of Use (Permanent): Permanently restricts the use of the ‘Kooky’ community service.
(2) Temporary Restriction of Use (Temporary): Restricts the use of the ‘Kooky’ community service for a certain period.
(3) Warning: Notifies the user about the violation of the Operation Policy, and if an inappropriate name is used, a mandatory name change is imposed.
(4) Modification of Items, etc.: Deletes information, items, paid content, etc. related to the violation or changes their quantity and characteristics.
(5) IP Block: Restricts the access to the service from certain IPs
(6) Restriction Based on Guaranteeing of the Rights of the Data Subject: Restricts the user who voluntarily requested to restrict processing until the set date.
(7) Other As ‘Kooky’ is a service in the form of a community, all members and affiliated people may report posts and comments that do not fit its purpose. Based on the number of total reports, the reported post or comment will be automatically hidden, and a restriction will be placed on the author.
Each restriction is applied incrementally as follows.

Restriction Information Table

Use, production,
and dissemination of illegal
Account Transactions,
Transfer, Agency, Exchange,
and Takeover
Speculative behaviorPermanent
Cash transactions, attempts at
cash transactions, and
Warning (notification)Duration
(30-day posting/sending
(Posting/Sending Restrictions)
Use an unhealthy nameWarning
(Including notification/renaming)
(30-day posting/sending
(Posting/Sending Restrictions)
Publish inappropriate contentCommunity Post / CommentsWarning (notification)Duration
(30-day posting/sending restrictions)
Obstruction of service operationsWarning (notification)Duration
(30-day posting/sending restrictions)
(Posting/Sending Restrictions)

Cases not specified in the table shown above may be subject to restrictions if they negatively impact the company in its effort to maintain a sound service environment. Activities violating relevant legislation such as posting and distributing obscene content, promoting gambling, etc. may result in a permanent restriction regardless of the violation count. Members may raise objections to the restrictions through the ‘Kooky’ Customer Center.
The types of violations and restrictions thereof may vary depending on the applicable statutes, regulations, or other government requirements of your jurisdiction.

Article 4. Service Recovery Policy

Regarding damages and changes to the ‘Kooky’ usage data, if the issues are attributable to the ‘Company’ or technical errors of the service, the Company may restore the data if the record can be confirmed by utilizing the current information communication service technology, to the extent of not burdening the provision of service.

4.1 Recovery Range

  • If you cannot use the service due to its technical errors, the Company will cooperate to the maximum until you can resume using the service normally, within the scope of the records that can be checked using the current information communication service technology.

4.2 Requesting Recovery

  • Members wanting to recover the usage information should apply for recovery through the Customer Center within 7 days of the loss or change.
  • Requesting recovery should be done by the owner of the account that suffered the loss or change of the usage information, and a request from a third party will not be accepted.
  • Recovery is based on the stored data, and unrecorded losses cannot be recovered.

4.3 Cases Where Recovery is Not Possible

  • Member's loss caused intentionally or by their mistake
  • Losses due to not following the system, announcements, Terms of Use, Operation Policy, etc.
  • Changes made by the member using legal, in-app service such as selling or deleting items
  • Any damage caused by using the service in a way not acknowledged by the ‘Company’ such as trading currencies or accounts and sharing accounts within the service
  • Damage caused by changing or resetting the device
  • Damage caused between members and not involving the ‘Company’ such as fraud within the service
  • Damage caused by the negligence of the member such as account theft due to the lack of account management.
  • Damage caused by deleting a social media account linked to ‘Kooky’

Limitation of Liability and Legal Disclaimer

Article 1. Limitation of Liability

Lighters Company Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’) does not guarantee the accuracy, credibility, or validity of all content such as videos, links, ads, members' posts and comments, etc. provided from the Kooky service (hereinafter referred to as ‘Kooky’), and also does not guarantee on the third party products and the quality of other information purchased or obtained by ads, miscellaneous information, and suggestions through ‘Kooky’. You must use ‘KOOKY’ on your own responsibility. As such, the ‘Company’ shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damage caused by your use of ‘Kooky’. The ‘Company’ is not obliged to modify the content of ‘Kooky’.

Article 2. Legal Disclaimer

You may not download or extract content provided by ‘Kooky’ outside the purpose of using it within the scope allowed by ‘Kooky’ and are prohibited from sending or posting content within ‘Kooky’ without the consent from the ‘Company’.
You may not access ‘Kooky’ or content within ‘Kooky’ with a method unauthorized by the ‘Company’, and access using unauthorized programs or account information of a third party is strictly prohibited.
You may not use any information or rights related to ‘Kooky’, especially works or trademarks related to ‘Kooky’ without the consent of the ‘Company’ and shall not influence third parties into falsely thinking that you possess the rights to ‘Kooky’ and content within ‘Kooky’.
You must not externally leak, (re)distribute, or send any information including personal information of the ‘Company’ and third parties obtained while using ‘Kooky’ without obtaining consent from the subject.
You must acknowledge the limitations shown above and adhere to them, recognize you are responsible for civil and criminal liability, and agree.
If you do not agree to the limitation of liability and legal disclaimer shown above, please cease using the ‘Kooky’ service immediately.



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